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Project Outputs

The project consortium that will implement the project is a multi-character team constituted of different types of foundations including VET institutions (university, vocational school), a SME in the relevant sector, a chamber of sectoral companies and a commercial company with expertise on e-learning and its applications on VET systems.

During the implementation of the project, the consortium will mainly focus on seven main tasks through the project activities:

1) Analysis of the sector and related vocations by inclusion of the target groups into the project via a two-phase survey system

2) Development of an innovative curriculum that utilizes the ICT-based learning tools which will be developed in the project

3) Development of the learning content and video production.

4) Transfer, adaptation and development of e-learning infrastructure (online learning tools)

5) Development of the offline derivative of the e-learning software which will be a DVD-based software (offline learning tools)

6) Testing, feedback, data collection, evaluation and improvement step

7) Dissemination and exploitation of the project outcomes.


After the project is implemented as planned, there will be six tangible outputs of the project:

1- A web platform that provides a meeting point for relevant stakeholders and project partners

2- A survey report that analyzes vocational status of carpet manufacturing related jobs in partner countries.

3- A novel curriculum for machinery carpet manufacturing related vocations that adopts innovative approaches

4- An e-learning platform that implements the novel curriculum

5- An offline solution specifically built for easily distributing and working in DVD format.

6- Relevant documentation for project products.


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